Cheating Is A Sin

November 13, 2010

-Continued From Part Three-

Mom and I went to the clinic that night to hand in the medical report..This time,I can't stand in anymore! But instead of scolding the nurse,I cried in front of them..I said "I need to get this done by 15th November 2010 because the agent is sending them out that day and you've already dragged my medical report for ONE MONTH"..However,the nurse still asked me to wait until 15th November 2010..

Oh by the way,mom found something suspicious..on the blood test results was dated on 9th October 2010 but I went to do medical check up on 13th October 2010..When I asked the nurse,she said it was printing error and she corrected it and print a new one for me..Can one meh? I am not even sure that blood is mine!

I really got fed up and angry..The next morning,I went to Tung Shin Hospital to REDO my WHOLE medical report! The nurses there were friendly and nice..and the Dr.Harbhajan Singh from Tung Shin Hospital is really good..He said the clinic use high-dosed X-ray radiation and killed lots of my skin cells! wtf! My medical report was done within one day..One day and it's completed..
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Next day,I went to collect my medical report from Dr.Harbhajan Singh..I went to agent after collecting to submit my visa application..It was then I received call from Dr.L clinic and said my medical report was corrected already..I'm like WTF! You said Dr.L was on leave until 15th November 2010 and now it's done! Isn't it weird?! Anyway,agent saw one mistake in my medical report from Dr.Harbhajan Singh..but Dr.Harbhajan Singh was very responsible! He actually call me up in person and asked me to bring my medical report over to correct it for me!
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I went back to Tung Shin Hospital to get my medical report corrected by Dr.Harbhajan Singh..He was really nice..he checked the whole medical report for me again and walk to X-ray department to get the chop there and etc..he did it all by himself! He never asked the nurses to do for him!

Then,I went back to agent and submit my visa application..and it's done..DONE within one day!

Questions : The nurses told me Dr.L was on leave and I have to wait until 15th November but suddenly,it's was corrected on the next morning.

I've wasted >RM1000 on the stupid Dr.L clinic for their fake assumption and all the medical test they asked me to do within one month while I only spent RM274 at Tung Shin Hospital to get it done within one day..

I did 3 Chest X-ray,5 blood test and 2 urine test in one month time..

You know how frustrated and angry I was?

Anyway I believe one thing and it's called karma..It's already bad enough to cheat people's money but this is worst! He made me travel here and there,worrying day and night about my health,dragging my medical report and also,simply do my medical report! I'm already very kind to tolerate this piece of rubbish person in society..


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  1. spamming!!

    see i told u from the 1st day everything will be aright. although i tried not 2 act worried. well, i think i can be a pro in acting already. i shall be a HOT actor like jacob black. i jus watch twilight eclipse last night. well i dun think its fully on the person's fault. i reckon its more probably the system. i bet dr.L or the nurse is not chinese. then it would be racist matter. i neva told u bout racist matter happen 2 me right? accept 4 the car accident. lol.
    anyhow, its very lovely 2 hear bout tis news and now u can have lovely evenings with brynn in NZ. lovely idea though. haha. see u soon.

  2. you damn sam pat lah..what HOT like Jacob don't even look like him at all >.< anyway yeah..the nurse is not chinese but Dr.L is chinese =_____= what a disgrace =____= yeah ur car accident damn funny lmao
    yeap! so long didn't skype with you already..faster on skype lah!


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