Christmas Decorations At Sunway Pyramid

November 29, 2010

Actually I was suppose to work at the Redemption Booth directly under Sunway Pyramid for 45 days but I was too busy so I gave the job to my brother and my friends..

this is where they worked - Chris Nyit Yang and my elder brother..

We picked my brother back from work so while he was packing,I walked around and take picture of the christmas decorations at Sunway Pyamid xD
Liki and mom
Chee Li Kee
the penguin behind damn huge wan
Chee Li Kee
I wore really simple because my family and I just went there to pick my brother back
it's like an oversized christmas ball
Chee Li Kee
with the penguin and christmas tree
Chee Li Kee
at the photo booth
Chee Li Kee
Chee Li Kee
saw this cute little red penguin haha

After my brother finished packing,we went home! Tomorrow is an important date! XD

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