ChurpChurp Premiere Screening – Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale

November 25, 2010

I am surprised that not much people heard about Rapunzel story before this movie is released..What? OMG! You have such a miserable childhood..and excuses I heard most,was that they said "this fairy tale is not popular" LMAO! I don't know about famous fairy tale..I just thought fairy tales are something children should know and were told when they were young..

Oh yeah! Probably this fairy tale wasn't popular among the guys because it's about a princess having long hair..little boys are not interested about fairy tales about hair LOL They prefer Power Ranger and Ultramen isskkk isskkkk

I love Rapunzel..I read it when I was eight..Probably that's why I never had short hair since then
they changed the's cool..I am looking forward to watch it..
Jayren,Tony Teh and Chee Li Kee
had dinner at Sakae Sushi with Jayren and Tony before movie..
our screening tickets and badges..
Tony Teh and Chee Li Kee
Thanks to Tony for inviting me to this screening of the movie :)

We watched it in 3D and I'd say animation 3D effect is of course better,what's more it is from Disney..I'm a big fan of Disney movies..I kept laughing in the cinema..the movie is very funny and enjoyable..Tony and I were the last people who left the cinema..LOL

After movie,Jayren,Joshua,Tony and I went to the Asia Cafe at Damansara for yum cha until 1.30am =_____=

OMG I feel like watching Rapunzel again!

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