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November 19, 2010

I woke up and I received a call from my agent..I was so scared! Because when I submitted my visa application,the agent told me "usually the visa will take about 10 days to approve..so if you don't receive any calls during the first week after submission,it's good news.."

I've just submitted my visa last friday (November 12,2010) and today (November 18,2010) I received the call from agent..my heart was pumping to the max..

Agent : Hello,may I speak to Chee Li Kee?
Me : Yes speaking..
Agent : Well,I just called to let you know that your visa *paused* has been APPROVED!!
Me : OMG! you serious?
Agent : yes..we have received your passport and your letter of approval..you can come and collect it and we'll send u an email of the letter
Me : thank u thank u! Woooohooooooo~~~

LOL Yeah I did "Woooohoooo" and "yay" and "weeeeeeee" on the phone LMAO! Damn happy ^^

Also,I went for photo shooting today right after I received the call and had lunch..it was actually a sudden plan..wasn't actually prepared but oh well..I did had fun..Good mood today xD

Show you some of the today's shots :

Chee Li Kee

Chee Li Kee

Chee Li Kee

Chee Li Kee

Chee Li Kee

Chee Li Kee

Chee Li Kee

Muahahaha I know I looked funny as I've never did anime-like shooting before..this is my first time doing it..fun though xD The samurai sword was real thing ok..can kill people one..very sharp and shiny..LOL!It's damn heavy lor..I need balance myself with the high-heel boots! It hurts T____T

Damn tired..did shooting until dinner time ! And tomorrow I've got product shooting!

Before I end this post,I repeat "My Visa has been APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!" YAY!

Okay now going to sleep! Tata! ^^

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  1. Congrats on getting yr visa approved! :D Anyways, nice photoshoot photos, so cutee!

  2. thank you!!! :D

    LOL cute meh >.<


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