Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2010

Although we don't celebrate it here in Malaysia,I still wish you "Happy Thanksgiving" :)

I know I've been busy with events and jobs that I didn't really update much about my private life anymore..Well,I'll try to write more about myself..

Let's start from telling you what I did whole day on the Thanksgiving..nope..no Turkey XD

I went facial treatment in the morning..yeah..after yum cha with Jayren,Joshua and Tony until 1.30am last night and slept at 3.00am,I just need some relaxation doing facial treatment..Then,I collected my passport from my Agent after my visa has been approved *yay* and headed to Taylors University College to collect a men perfume I won from Feeq's blog..

yeap..a men perfume..

Came home and finished watching a Singapore drama "The Family Court"..heard before?
The Family Court
I've been watching for almost 1 month already..never knew Singapore drama could actually be nice XD

Mom and I had pizza delivery for dinner..Dad was busy working..he's been busy setting up christmas decorations and coming home like 3-4 in the morning and go work again at 8.30am =(..my both brothers went out for movie so only my mom and I were home..helped her with housework then we ate pizza and watch tv together =)

Hippy was with us too of course..♥ that little doggy~

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  1. i wanted to join the perfume contest but no time that time :(

  2. Nvm lah..there's still more competition :)


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