Hello Kitty Craze

November 30, 2010

I'm a big fans of Hello Kitty,really..I goes crazy when I see Hello Kitty =_____= Anyway since I am flying overseas to further my studies next year,I need to get a new luggage..I don't even have those luggage for me to last for long =__________= So my little brother and I went to Curve in the morning to search for the luggage xD


Hello Kitty Lugagges
I found one in Curve! But it was really expensive..I am looking for at least 23" to fit 20kg of my clothes =X

Next we went to 1Utama to find,unfortunately we couldn't find it there..Brought my little brother to have lunch at Carls' Junior and then went home..stumbled upon the decorations at 1Utama xD
nice lor..
it's like the western feelings
love those fake houses/shops..

Anyway do you know where I could get the Hello Kitty luggage like this?
Hello Kitty Red Luggage
must be at least 23"
Hello Kitty Pink Luggage
or this?

I saw it at Curve beginning of this year but I didn't buy T____T and now I am desperately looking for it..

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