I'm Becoming A Frustrated Director, I Think, In An Actor's Body

November 12, 2010

-Continued From Part Two-

On the next day,9th November 2010,my blood report was out..I went to Dr.N and he confirmed that I don't have Thalassemia..Just iron-deficiency anaemia..he also added,that "Doctors who know how to read the medical report will know that you don't have Thalassemia" In my heart,I was thinking "how the f*ck Dr.L become a doctor?"

On 10th of November 2010,mom and I went to look for Dr.L again..We waited for 2 hours this time just to see him..Mom and I already got very fed up..seriously how the f*ck he become a doctor?! While waiting for him,mom and I were sitting near the counter,watching how the nurses work..All I can think of is "what the sh*t are they doing? They don't even deserve to be nurse!"

There were 5 nurses in the clinic..One of them told me to wait then she went and fill up patient's card name and she was so slow in writing!Another one,standing beside her looking at the nurse who are filling up the name (wtf? go do your job!)..One more shaking those liquid medicine behind,another calling the patient one by one to see doctor and one more doing X-ray for the patients..

Thing is..there were about 20 patients waiting just to take their medicine and no one is serving them! One of the patient told me she waited for 2 hours already,just to collect medicine and she haven't got hers! Next frustrating thing was,the nurse gave the wrong passport to wrong patient and the patient just walk away unnoticed..the owner of the passport was looking for her passport..Then all the 5 nurses looked for the passport..One hour just to settle it..like wtf!


So,I was the last patient as Dr.L is going home after 2.00pm..I told him I need to send in my visa application already because the immigration is changing rules after November..He looked at me and say "It wasn't my fault..it was you fault for having blood problem" I looked at him and felt like tearing him to pieces! How can the doctor say that to patient? It's just like he telling patient,"It wasn't my fault that you die..it was you who have life-threatening disease" WTF

So mom and I thought,phewww...we don't have to go back to the clinic anymore!We went to agent happily straight after visiting the clinic..The agent checked the medical report and found something wrong..Dr.L filled up one wrong detail! The agent can't just liquid it because Dr.L need to sign and chop beside the corrected mistake! Mom and I was like WTF! We called up the clinic and guess what..the nurse asked me to leave my medical report in the clinic because Dr.L is on leave again until 15th November 2010..

Questions : How can Dr.L doesn't know how to read the blood test report and simply assume I have Thalassemia which I actually don't and get me to SJMC to confirm! How did he even hire those nurses? They are useless! How come Dr.L is so freaking irresponsible? He take leave anytime he wants and he only opens from 9.00am - 2.00 pm? He fill up wrong details and we have to wait until next week when he's back from holiday? WTF I need to submit my visa application before 15th November 2010!

-Last Part Tomorrow-

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