I'm Not Getting Frustrated...We All Knew From The Start That This Would Be A Long Process

November 11, 2010

-Continued From Part One-

Mom and I waited for 12 days already..We kept calling the clinic and asked them to get my medical report done quickly because it was already first week of November..You do know that visa application can take up to 2 months! Finally,the nurse called and asked my mom and I to visit the clinic as Dr.L wants to see me..I was there at 8.00am and I waited for almost 3 hours until it was my turn..


Dr.L saw my blood report and commented my blood test seemed to be abnormal and suspect I have Alpha Thalassemia..He wasn't confirmed that I have the disease yet though..He asked me to look for Dr.N from SJMC to do DNA Analysis..Mom and I went SJMC straight from clinic to look for Dr.N..The nurses in SJMC is super super super rude..I feel like slapping their snobbish faces when they talk! Anyway the main point was,Dr.N was on leave,and he's only back in 5 days time..

5 days later,mom and I went back to SJMC and look for Dr.N..Once he saw my blood report,he confirmed to me that I don't have Thalassemia..mom and I was like O.O! But Dr.N said he will take my blood for test and tomorrow I will get the results..

Questions : The medical report should be out in 6 days time as told by the nurse..but why 12 days? How come I redo my blood test and Dr.L can't confirm that I have Thalassemia or not but instead,asked me to look for Dr.N from SJMC?

-To Be Continued Tomorrow-

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  1. walao...Nowdays hospital services getting worst and worst.. My friend waiting the medical report for almost 2 month and she need urgently for her job ..

  2. I wouldn't say all hospital lah..Just SJMC nurses are rude..doctors there are okay..Tung Shin Hospital is very good..

    I just regret I went to the clinic..

    but wah! 2 months~ she sure spent a lot on it?


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