Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2010 Working Day Two

November 01, 2010

It is the second day of work as a model for Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2010 for Fujifilm Model Shoot-Out Contest at Midvalley Exhibition Centre! Since I've already know how the sequence,the stage and the people like,I wasn't nervous at all :D

Chee Li Kee (7)
one make up artist and one hair styler..bet their heart beating fast to the max as time was running late

Same as the first day,we're told to gather at 2.30pm but the show starts at 3.00pm! I reached there at 2.35pm! pheeewww..luckily I managed to get there in time!

At 3.00pm sharp,the show begun! There were less people compared to yesterday..and the music of the show sucked! They played some techno song that doesn't even suit the event! All of us (models) have no mood at all..
Chee Li Kee modeling (6)
well,that's our sexy back..yes and again,I'm the shortest one..
Chee Li Kee (13)
love this picture to the max!
Chee Li Kee's high heels
my 5-inch high heels..
Chee Li Kee (15)
the camera colour suits my red ribbon very much xD
Chee Li Kee (9)
love this picture too! :D
Siao Hui and Chee Li Kee (3)
Siao Hui and Liki

After casual wear,it was dinner wear..at the backstage,I was so shocked to see all the girls wore black! and I was the only PINK! LMAO
Chee Li Kee (10)
but I love this dress a lot
Chee Li Kee (11)
if you recognised this dress,I wore it for my A-levels Graduation at Sunway University College
Chee Li Kee (3)
sexy back..lmao look at those photographer below
Chee Li Kee (14)
bright PINK!
Siao Hui and Chee Li Kee (2)
Siao Hui and Liki
Chee Li Kee (12)
trying to act cute again lmao
Chee Li Kee modeling
all the 6 models on stage
Chee Li Kee modeling (4)
now you know why I said I was so PINK
Chee Li Kee,Siao Hui,Grace Chew,Carmen Liew,Renee Ng
Act cute is my style that day
Chee Li Kee modeling (3)
From left : Liki,Siao Hui,Grace Chew,Carmen Liew,Renee Ng and Jolene Tan
Chee Li Kee modeling (5)
every model has their own style
Chee Li Kee at Fujifilm Booth (2)
after on stage,we went to Fujifilm booth to model just like yesterday..
Chee Li Kee (8)
pose pose and snap snap
Chee Li Kee at Fujifilm Booth
I was actually partner-ing with Siao Hui..other girls prefer to be solo =X
Chee Li Kee,Siao Hui and Grace Chew
I like this picture too!

The show actually ended early today..much much earlier..that's good =D The time passes so slow..not like yesterday! We were having fun yesterday but today seems to be a little boring..
Siao Hui,Jolene Tan,Chee Li kee,Grace Chew,Renee Ng
From left : Siao Hui,Jolene Tan,Liki,Grace,manager's girlfriend,Renee
Grace Chew and Chee Li Kee
Grace hugging me..awww I'm sooo gonna miss Grace! I still remember she told me she likes to eat pao in the morning haha
Chee Li Kee and Jolene Tan
Liki and Jolene..I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing her soon..
Siao Hui and Chee Li Kee
Siao Hui and Liki..both os us talked the most at backstage..we just can't stop chit-chatting

And because the show ended earlier,Xian Tze,who came around 3.30pm missed the show..I feel so bad because it's like he came for nothing T____T
Tony Teh and Chee Li Kee
Tony came to watch me modeling for two days! So nice of hiim ^^
Chee Li Kee and Zhi Shan
Liki and Zhi Shan..thanks for the photos :)
Chee Li Kee (6)
at the entrance with KLPF stickers
Chee Li Kee
and wow there's much more stickers here

That's the end of my work for Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2010!
Chee Li Kee (5)
just syok sendiri camwhoring before removing make up
Chee Li Kee (2)
I got my pay on the spot! :D and it's really fun having people's to snap your pictures :P

Now that my work has finished,I shall concentrate on resting at home and taking goof care of my body :) Also,my skin condition is getting really bad..I'm gonna do more facial! Relaxing time! :D

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  1. why they all very tall and long d..

  2. HAHA! You ask them lor..But I same height with 2 other girls..just that they wear 6 inch heels I wore 5 inch heels so I seemed to be the shortest LMAO

  3. wow your pink dress is so eye-catching lol. who provide the dresses?

  4. thank you ^^ All costumes is on our own..

  5. I like yr top with the red ribbon and I think you model more natural than the rest (: So pretty!

  6. Ya I like the red ribbon and red camera too xD

    Thanks for the compliment :D but all the models also good model ^^


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