Nuffnang Premiere Screening - The Social Network

November 23, 2010

I've been wanting to watch this movie since last year! Facebook is a social network service that is launched in February,2004.As of July 2010,Facebook has more than 500milion active users..I'm sure by now,everyone has a Facebook account..Even my parents do have Facebook account :)

Facebook has been so useful to everyone..I get to keep in touch with my friends's just felt like they have never left..I even found back my long lost best friend in kindergarten after 13 years! You can't say Facebook is useless =P

Aren't you excited to watch this movie ? It's all about how Facebook is created..
Chee Li Kee,Jayren,Shannon Chow,Jackie Loi,Yoong Jun
Had dinner at Carls Junior with Shannon Chow,Jayren,Jackie Loi,Tian Chad,Robb Chew and etc..(I can't remember everyone's name =X)
Thanks to Jayren for inviting me to this screening of the movie

Nice movie though! They talked very fast in the movie so you must concentrate and hear carefully LOL..the quotes they used were superb! It is one of the very few biography movie I watched =P

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  1. I really2 wanna watch FB bad that i cant get it from nuffnang sigh~ i have to watch using my own money kekeke~....

  2. This Mark is super famous now, even has a movie for him? wow, he is even more rocking now:

  3. >Dedek : nvm's worth paying to watch..nice show..but pay attention to their conversation..they talk very fast LOL

    >Chui Sui : haha's about how Facebook was created..nice movie :)

  4. Can't wait to watch this movie after my finalssss :P

  5. >Nicole : hello!!! :D

    >Hilda Milda : yeah go watch xD


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