Richard's 19th Birthday Celebration

November 17, 2010

I was invited to attend Richard's 19th birthday celebration..weeeeeeeeeee~ Our teddy bear boy has grown up! XD

I went to dentist check up before attending the birthday dinner..nahh just normal dental check up as I need to maintain my teeth since removed my braces ^^

there's our birthday boy - Richard Teo!!!

Before meeting up with him,I meet up with Jayren,Jia Yeen and Hooi Nee at Midvalley then we headed to Alexis,The Gardens to meet with Richard..
Richard Teo and Chee Li Kee
Richard and Liki
recognise this place? The place where we dine for Shannon's birthday as well
Nana,Jia Yeen anD Chee Li Kee
Nana,Jia Yeen and Liki
Richard Teo,Jayren,Jun Fook,Nana,Chee Li Kee,Jia Yee and Shannon Chow
Clockwise top left : Richard,Jayren,Jun Fook,Nana,Liki,Jia Yeen and Shannon
hot chocolate~ yummy~
Jun Fook and Chee Li Kee
Jun Fook and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Nana
Liki and Nana
Chee Li Kee and Edwin
Liki and Edwin
Hooi Nee and Chee Li Kee
Hooi Nee and Liki
Richard's birthday cake from Secret Recipe..

Then,something funny happened..As ShaunDamien (Richard's so-called-brother..sorry I still don't believe he is your brother) took the cake out,he laughed and he accidentally blew off all the candles..serious damn EPIC! Even the people on the next tables were laughing at him! Funny max..
anyway so we lighted up the candles for him and take the cake out again's like pressing the replay button..
Don't stab the cake! I want to eat if you don't =P
the yummy birthday cake
Chee Li Kee and Richard Teo
Liki and the birthday boy ahhhh yes,some ninja appeared behind

Hope you like our present and enjoyed the celebration with us!!
Happy Birthday again, Richard!

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  1. I saw choc indulgence cake from secret recipe weeee

  2. yeah! Damn chocolatey!!! Yum yum ♥

  3. haha, owhh you're the only blogger who call me Jun Fook. <33333

  4. OOoo I love Richard's cookie monster shirt! XD

  5. yeah I like it too! I keep eyeing on his shirt LMAO


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