Shopping At Uniqlo Malaysia

November 08, 2010


It's like a new thing in Malaysia!It's also gaining popularity among the KL people and probably all over Malaysia since it's posted everywhere! Like..damn popular!

Uniqlo Malaysia
it's located at Farenheit 88,just about 1 o'clock from Pavilion's entrance

Today is the 4th day of opening and I asked my mom to take me to visit the store to use up my vouchers..
I got RM80.00 vouchers won from the website :)

Actually I don't get it..Why does people even queue for hours just to get in the stores? My friend,Willion went on the first day and queued at 8.30am (the shop opens at 10.00am on the first day) and he was already the 458th customer!

My aunt who went yesterday queued up for an hour just to get in to the store! And she was so satisfied with the quality that she decided to bring her daughter and tag along with me and my mom today..
Chee Li Kee and Sze Von
that's me and my 17 years old cousin
Crowds At Uniqlo
but the crowd was NOT BAD today! I queued up for not even 15minutes and managed to get in the store *excited*
it was like sooooo smooth..I don't care about winning the trip to Tokyo..I feel so lucky because the queue was SHORT! I couldn't stand queuing for hours and hours..I'll probably fainted by then
Crowds At Uniqlo
seriously A LOT OF PEOPLE! But they say it's considered little compared to last 3 days..
Chee Li Kee
ya I dressed very simple when I go shopping..don't want people to recognised me like a shopholic LMAO
Uniqlo basket
2 basket of items from Uniqlo for my whole family
Uniqlo Vouchers
you need to verify the vouchers at the entrance before using it..

I would say that the Uniqlo workers are really really nice..they are so patient and they are willing to help..I went to some store with arrogant workers but these Uniqlo workers are nice :)
Chee Li Kee,Alice and Sze Von
after shopping for 1st round,we came out to put our things in the car..and continue second round of shopping wth..My aunt and my cousin looked so much alike now!

We parked our car at Starhill and..I really miss Starhill..And somemore now it's already decorated with Christmas decorations,it's nostalgic! I miss singing on the stage for Christmas Caroling in Starhill and I miss the toilet LMAO!
Starhill Toilet
yes lah the toilet is very unique..even my cousin and aunt were shocked!
Starhill Toilet
I really miss the toilet wtf I can't believe I said that

On the way back to parking,we shopped in Starhill too..Aunt is so in love with Louis Vuitton @_@ We bumped into Owen Yap..Well if you don't know who he is,he is a host for 8tv Mandarin News,Deal Or No Deal for NTV7,model for Hotlink,Drinko,Jacob's and etc..He recently won the Best Variety & Entertainment Program | Host
Chee Li Kee And Owen Yap
and we made friends :)

Ahhhh,really had fun shopping! I love the Uniqlo quality! Things they sell is just what I needed to bring overseas study ^^
Uniqlo Tote Bag
Last but not least,you'll get One Uniqlo Tote Bag for each RM200 spend in a single receipt..And today is the last day of Tote Bag Promo! Awwww I love the Tote Bags ♥

Guess how much we spent?

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  1. Haha..not only buy my stuff up my stuff very little only =P

  2. my frenz pon pegi....ramai gilak manusia

  3. >Liya Laa : haha nice right? :D

    >Holly : they restock everyday..but if the size sell finish already then no more lor

    >misSbLurRy : ya banyak orang XD

  4. walao... 1 free bag for every rm200 spent... u must been spending a lot then! :D

  5. haha..not only for's my whole family..XD

  6. 7 free tote bags means rm1400 something. gosh. thats a lot. i went on the third day. feel like going again before the promotion price end. hehe. and this time im going to bring my voucher :)

  7. haha! yeah around there xD Yeah I feel like going back to shop for more weeeeeeee~

    Yeah use voucher for discount! XD


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