XO Shabu-shabu

November 21, 2010

My parents balik kampung and my brother went out movie with his friend..I was alone at home with no dinner..unless I cook maggi or call for delivery..I am quite sick of eating fast foods so I called Jason out for dinner with me..it's been so long since I've meet him XD

I thought I couldn't finish this but I can! weeeeeeee~
this honeydew is awesome! It's not sweet and nice..home made XD
Chee Li Kee
my nose looked fake here LMAO

I took picture with Jason but he deleted it from my camera =_________= Next time I don't allow him to hold my camera! Hmph!

We took a stroll around IOI Boulevard..didn't know Puchong has improved a lot..Nice place to hang out and walk at night hehe..Will go there often for a walk and drink

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