All Things Grow With Time

December 03, 2010

I know I keep saying this. My readers requested to know more about my personal life so I'm doing it more often now. Not about events, advertisements or modeling. Just me.

It's December already. This is the 6th months of my holiday since I finished my A-levels. And I'm living and loving every single moments of it. I worked for the first time in my life,joined contests,meet more people in society and did lots of modeling. But when my body fell sick,it's time to hit a break.

I don't just sit at home in this 6 months. I only get to stay home once a week but of course,now 5 times a week. I'm starting to miss my bed. When Nataneal told me he will miss his bed when he leaves UK,I replied "what a dumb thing to miss" But I kinda get the feelings now.

Come to think of it,I only have 73 days left in Malaysia. It's large number. Double digit. But when it comes to time, it's not. No matter how I chose not to think about it,I'm sad. Leaving my family,friends,Hippy and everything behind me is not a simple thing to do. I think a lot and stay up late. Everyday.

Damn I can actually think of how horrible I'd look waving good bye at the airport. Cry until my mother couldn't recognise me.

Chee Li Kee
Letting go is hard. But it's part of growing up. I guess this little girl is growing up.

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  1. where is the like button? :) an early safe trip to you!

  2. awww thanks girl ♥ take care too :)

  3. Then appreciate your remaining time at Malaysia ! =D

  4. sometimes ppl forget u are only 19 :)

  5. >Jayren : yes that's what I'm doing now :)

    >Hilda : thanks girl ^^

    >Andy : haha..I sounded very old meh? T___T

    >Mann.Mushroom : yeap! I will :D


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