Christmas Celebration At Aunt's House

December 20, 2010

Every year,my second aunt will invite the whole family over to her house to celebrate Christmas! How do we celebrate Christmas? Nothing typical actually, we don't have turkey nor christmas tree..just a simple dinner gathering and gift exchange =)

Sweets for everyone =D

We had dinner at some chinese restaurant..Frankly speaking,this year it doesn't felt like Christmas dinner because we don't have santa and Christmas tree(yes we had it the year before and before) uncle will dressed like one xD But it's our tradition to have simple gathering on Christmas every year with my aunts,uncles,cousins and grandparents =) I just love my whole family..
Sze Von and Chee Li Kee
Because my cousins birthday falls on 28th,my youngest aunt on 30th and mine on 24th this month,we have special gifts and cakes =D
Sze Von and Chee Li Kee
she used to be my one and only cousin sister but now my youngest aunt had twins! =D more girls weeeeeeeeee~
earrings from my cousin,chocolates as Christmas gift by aunt and an expensive crystal necklace from my second aunt

Thanks so much for the gifts =D Christmas is just 4 days away! Are you ready?

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