Christmas Dinner At Kelly's House

December 19, 2010

Kelly invited my whole family to her house for a christmas dinner..Remember Kelly? Love shopping with this girl,read post here. She always bring me to church,read post here.

I knew her since I was 14..we both loved dancing :D So we met each other in a dance club in high school..Kelly and I joined a dance competition in Year 2008 with Shi Ning,the Malaysian gymnast and 3 of us went into Top5 XD Read post here and here.

Shi Ning didn't know the way to Kelly's house so she stopped by my house first before heading to Kelly's house..

yay how can you missed out candies on Christmas especially the Candy Cane xD
Shi Ning,Chee Li Kee
Shi Ning and I,trying to act cute..OMG like damn long didn't see her..she just finished her STPM yesterday so yeah,finally free haha
Kelly,Shi Ning and Chee Li Kee
candid shot
Kelly,Shi Ning,Chee Li Kee,mom and bro
From left : Kelly,Shi Ning,Liki,my mom and my little brother
Kelly Tan,Shi Ning,Chee Li Kee
Kelly,Shi Ning and Liki
Shi Ning,Chee Li Kee.Kelly Tan
that little boy on the stairs is so cute..he accidentally called Kelly's bf a young guy UNCLE LOL

After filling out stomach,my family went to Sunway Pyramid to pick my elder brother off work..Yeah he's been working at the Redemption Booth for quite some time..And Wei Ji (OMG I MISS YOU SO MUCH) is working with my brother weeeeeeeee~
Theng Jian,Chee Li Kee,Wei Ji,Theng Jee
my little brother,Liki,Wei Ji and my elder brother

There's another Christmas dinner at my aunt's tomorrow! I love December! :D

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