Cover Just For Us

December 21, 2010

Those days..I miss Choir really..Too bad this year we don't have Christmas Caroling at Starhill Gallery like last was fun! And we get to earn money haha..

But it didn't stop us from singing..Singing brought us all together..Dylan and I were among the oldest choir member..then Chern Jung,Calvin and Raymond joined later..

Today,I invited all of them (who are free) to come over my house to do a cover of songs! =D

Chern Jung,Raymond,Willion,Calvin and Chee Li Kee
From left : Chern Jung,Raymond,Willion,Calvin and Liki

We were singing random songs for hours and hours until Dylan reached my house..Well you know,Dylan is always the one who can pushed us or not how can he be awarded as the Best Conductor of the State Level in 2008 MUAHAHA
Dylan Chan
yeah he is improvising the songs
Dylan Chan
"what? who is talking bad about me?"
Chern Jung,Raymond,Willion and Calvin
All were Tenor except Willion as the Bass

Okay we actually did two covers..Calvin and I duet for one cover,Dylan as the pianist and Chern Jung,Raymond and Dylan did one,I as the pianist..

But...we are too shy to show in public HAHA =P

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