Hang Out With College Friends

December 28, 2010

I was on Twitter (wait..I am always on Twitter lol) when Nicholas tweet me if I want to go out with Stephanie and him today..At the same time,Kai Yuan asked if I am free on that day..So I thought we should all go out together XD We agreed to meet in Sunway Pyramid at 10ish..

I was there before the shop open because I followed my brother to his work..I waited for almost an hour before Nicholas and Stephanie reached..

We were chatting at JCo Doughnuts & Coffee until Kai Yuan and Zhi Yuen reached..awwww I miss the A-levels moment all of a sudden..Miss that feelings going out with them XD
Chee Li Kee,Kai Yuan,Nicholas,Stephanie and Zhi Yuen
From top left : Nicholas,Stephanie,Zhi Yuen,Kai Yuan and Liki at Sushi Zenmai

Nicholas and Stephanie went home later while Zhi Yuen,Kai Yuan and I decided to sing karaoke! We had lots of fun in the karaoke room LMAO..Singing with them is actually quite fun! Should go again someday haha..

We then had dinner at Xiang Ding Wei..
Chee Li Kee
a typical posing of the menu :D Did the same pose when I dine here with the BFF..

Then,we walked around Pyramid and of course,taking picture with the Christmas decorations..Kai Yuan is leaving back to UK on 6th of January so I need to take lots of pictures with him!
Kai Yuan and Chee Li Kee
Yeap that is Kai Yuan there..
Chee Li Kee,Kai Yuan and Zhi Yuen
and a small group picture of us :D

While waiting for my brother to finish his work,we were toying around with this..
I didn't edit this picture really!
It looks really nice when I spin it around :)
Kai Yuan and Chee Li Kee
There's blue,pink and green colour!
Kai Yuan,Chee Li Kee and Zhi Yuen
Here's a really last picture before we left..

Somehow I kinda missed them..it has been bout 6 months ago since I've seen them/hang out with them! We should do this real often before everyone fly off!

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