How To Use A Polaroid Camera

December 16, 2010

If you read my previous post,you'll know that I bought a Hello Kitty limited edition polaroid camera (or known as instant camera) from Japan! :D

So this is the first time I'm using a polaroid camera and I'm gonna do it step by step *wink*

1. Insert the batteries into the camera


2. Open the packet of film and you will find a silver wrapping plastic bag

3. Open it and you will find a black box

4. This is the place to put the black box

5. Take note of the yellow strip. Once you close the cover,you cannot open it anymore,or not all your inserted films can't be used anymore of the exposure of lights

6. Press the "Power" button
7. Press the shutter button and start snapping pictures =D

My first model to try out my polaroid camera is none of other than Hippy
damn hard to catch picture of a dog because sometimes it moved around,looked around and blink LOL you can't delete the pictures using polaroid camera LOL

and please DO NOT SHAKE the film like the oldies =_____= this is new era,if you shake the film,the ink will smear or the colour of the pictures will not be as nice..just leave it and the picture will appear approximately 1-2minutes
so here's the outcome of the photo using polaroid camera!!!!♥

It's fun taking pictures with instant camera!!!

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  1. I thought we have to shake the polaroid to make the colour more obvious lol my friend's film work that way though :P

  2. Don't know wor..I use Fujifilm polaroid films and it says there at the box "DO NOT SHAKE" lmao

  3. nice one liki... this film cannot be shake like the normal ones right? anyway, i would have saved the money to get a better digicam OR a cheaper lomo cam with cheap film rolls :)

  4. yeah this film cannot shake xD haha but lomo cam is not very expensive right? I think it's cheaper than instax


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