My 19th Birthday Celebration + Christmas Party

December 25, 2010

Hello =D It's my birthday today and I invited the A4 Gangsters to my house for celebration! It became our annual celebration ever since 2005,that we celebrate my birthday and Christmas countdown =)

Foods that my mom prepared
Hippy humping Chern Jung
Hippy couldn't stop humping Chern Jung once he was there..
Chee Li Kee and Lily
Liki and Lily
Chern Jung and Chee Li Kee
Chern Jung and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Carmen
Liki and Carmen
Chee Li Kee and Wen Jie
Liki and Wen Jie
Hippy wants to take picture too!
Chee Li Kee,Lily,Chern Jung,Carmen and Wen Jie
Liki,Lily,Chern Jung,Carmen and Wen Jie
Chee Li Kee,Lily,Chern Jung,Carmen and Wen Jie
spot the difference between the pictures above haha
Chee Li Kee Birthday Cake
my Christmas Cake! Coco Macadamia !
Chee Li Kee
singing birthday song for me =D
Chee Li Kee
making wishes
Chee Li Kee
and cake cutting!
Carmen,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee,Chern Jung,Lily
with friends (Chin Ming wasn't here because he went back for Christmas Supper with his family)
Chee Li Kee and Lily
Liki and Lily..she taught me that lala pose
Mom,Hippy,Chee Li Kee,Theng Jian,Theng Jee
with my family

After having the cake,we were waiting for Christmas!! Countdown!!!
Santa Hat
prepared all the Santa Hat and Reindeer hairband
Chee Li Kee
I am wearing the Reindeer clip! =D
Chee Li Kee and Hippy
carrying my baby
Lily and Chee Li Kee
Lily and Liki..we're both Reindeer !
Chee Li Kee and Chern Jung
I was camwhoring and CJ suddenly appeared behind
Chee Li Kee and Chern Jung
so I let him to be in the picture LOL
Chee Li Kee,Lily,Chern Jung,Wen Jie and Carmen
Christmas with them!!
Chern Jung,Chee Li Kee,Lily,Wen Jie,Carmen
I edited a picture of everyone for Christmas!
Chern Jung,Chee Li Kee,Lily,Chin Ming,Wen Jie,Carmen
then I thought I should add Chin Ming although he was there late XD

Chin Ming came back my house around 1.40am and we're all half dead waiting for him haha! I was watching TV with Carmen and Lily,Cj was online while Wen Jie was sleeping XD After Chin Ming came,they handed me the present..
bags with Santa Hat
a Jansport school bag!
Chee Li Kee
trying it on..
Chee Li Kee
yay I can use it next year to University!!
Chern Jung,Lily,Chee Li Kee,Carmen,Chin Ming and Wen Jie
#1 Chern Jung,Lily,Liki,Carmen,Chin Ming and Wen Jie
Chern Jung,Lily,Chee Li Kee,Carmen,Chin Ming and Wen Jie
#2 Chern Jung,Lily,Liki,Carmen,Chin Ming and Wen Jie
Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25
we took a polaroid picture together too!
Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25
Chern Jung,Lily,Chee Li Kee,Carmen,Chin Ming,Wen Jie
Thanks for celebrating my birthday and Christmas with me every year! Friends Forever♥

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  1. awwww hello kitty polaroid >.<

  2. I like yr outfit (: and your polaroid is floating in the air? O.O

  3. >XCB : yeah I love the polaroid haha =D

    >Hilda Milda : thank you! That dress is handmade >.< my polaroid is on the ghost table (transparent) that's why it looks like floating haha

  4. Oohh, Hippy's eyes can come out with light in your family photo.. LOL

  5. yeah! Shine! jeng~~~ LOL His eyes memang like that if on flash =P

  6. Happy Belated B-day! I love love your outfit!! Don't capricorns have amazing fashion sense!!! :)

  7. Thank you Rahel! :)Haha Thanks for ur compliment xD


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