My 19th Birthday Celebration With Kelly

December 24, 2010

Kelly wants to be the first to celebrate my birthday on the exact day so yeah,I went out with her to Sunway Pyramid in the morning before the dinner with the A4 Gangsters..I am wearing the grey cardigan that Lily bought for me from UK ♥

Kelly and Chee Li Kee
half awake face..the shopping mall haven't even open LOL
went to JCo to have breakfast! Doughnuts!
Kelly had this..

And then,Kelly asked if I had 冰糖葫芦 before..I was like O.O What is that? It's so familiar,I often heard it from TVB series but I never actually had one before..
so I had 冰糖葫芦"Bing Tang Hulu" for the first time!
Kelly and Chee Li Kee
Kelly and Liki..
Okay,I have to admit,this thing is freaking addictive
I love my camera..the macro is sooo clear..

Then I have to head home by 2pm because I need to prepare for the birthday dinner tonight with the A4 Gangsters..
Chee Li Kee and Hello Kitty
OMG Hello Kitty in the car!
Hello Kitty
with ribbon
Hello Kitty
without ribbon..

I finally bought my high-waist pants! Been wanting to have it for quite some time already XD It was nice hanging out with Kelly..too bad Shi Ning is in Langkawi Island or else we are gonna have threesome shopping together XD

I wanna have Bing Tang Hu Lu now! T_____T

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