My Early Birthday Celebration With Bloggers

December 24, 2010

Tomorrow is my birthday but I am celebrating with the bloggers today..It was just a simple dinner and cake cutting XD Most of the bloggers can't make it but thanks to Jia Yeen,Jayren,Shannon and Kian Fai who came for the dinner :)

Gasoline Menu
we had dinner in Gasoline at Sunway Pyramid
Chee Li Kee
hello =D
Chee Li Kee and Lily
Lily was with me too! She came back from UK for Christmas and New Year so she tag along with me =)
Lily and Chee Li Kee
miss her so much while she was away XD
Chee Li Kee wearing lipsticks
must apply lipstick before photo session haha
Chee Li Kee making wishes
make a wish~
Chee Li Kee and birthday cake
and cake cutting weeeeeeeeeeee~
Jayren and Chee Li Kee
Jayren and Liki
Shannon Chow and Chee Li Kee
Shannon and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Lily
Liki and Lily
Chee Li Kee and Theng Jian
my younger brother was there to accompany me too =)
Chee Li Kee and Kian Fai
Liki and Kian Fai
Birthday cake
I had the biggest slice of full!

And then,it became a tradition for birthday celebrations with bloggers,that we have to unwrap the presents and take pictures superstar of the day
Chee Li Kee with presents
this present is from Hitomi
Chee Li Kee with memo pad
she got me a Memo Pad! So creative and nice! It will definately be useful =D
Chee Li Kee with presents
this is from Shannon
Chee Li Kee holding electronic candles
she got me a electronic candles..when you blow the lightbulb,it will automatically switched cute!
Chee Li Kee reading birthday card
reading a birthday card from the majority..
Chee Li Kee with birthday card
it's from 7 bloggers - Jayren,Jia Yeen,Edwin,Tony,Henry Tan,Henry Lee and Kian Fai
Chee Li Kee with Hello Kitty bag
They got me a Hello Kitty sling bag! My jaw dropped when I saw it! OMG HELLO KITTY!
Jia Yeen,Jayren,Shannon Chow,Kian Fai,Chee Li Kee,Lily and Theng Jian
Group picture of us who came - Jia Yeen,Jayren,Shannon,Kian Fai,Liki,Lily and Theng Jian

After that,I went looking for my elder brother because I have to pick him up after work XD
Wei Ji and Chee Li Kee
Wei Ji and Liki
Theng Jee,Chee Li Kee and Theng Jian
my elder brother,Liki and my younger brother
Chee Li Kee and Hippy
ahhhh Hippy went for grooming today and it's sooooooo cute!!!

Gotta rest early because tomorrow I will be celebrating with Kelly in the morning and night with the A4 Gangsters ! ♥

Thanks again to the bloggers for coming for the dinner and presents !

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