December 17, 2010

It's the Jusco Member Day today again! OMG I just went last 2 months and now AGAIN? =______= nah I didn't really shop much this time..Woke up at 7.30am and went Midvalley with mom,aunt and this time my cousin tagged along because she finished her SPM yesterday ! She needed to buy clothes to bring to NS next year..

After shopping at Jusco,we walked around Midvalley to see the beautiful decorations and continue shopping hehe..

Chee Li Kee
realised I didn't took with this snowman the last time I came
Chee Li Kee and Sze Von
oh that's my cousin sister..well she's damn tall wan ==
my mom and the cute little huge teddy bear

And then I went home,took bath and rest for a while..Wei Lon came and fetch me with Estima =D I used to sit his car to choir practise every week but I've only sat his Estima twice LOL This will be the third time..
Chee Li Kee,Calvin Tan and Willion Ho
Liki,Calvin and Wei Lon at Robot Sushi Grand Opening at 1Utama (Thanks to Ee Zhen for the invitation! We got free flow drinks and sushi from 8.00pm - 10.00pm)
and we've got special treatment xD

There are few celebrities there such as Amber Chia but we didn't take picture with her =X She was just sitting beside us though LOL

Watched Tron Legacy in 3D for free thanks to Tony for inviting me =D
I don't think Tron Legacy is nice..the story plot is disappointing..the suspense and all,I can actually guess the whole movie..I kept yawning in the cinema..

Urgh,felt so tired..Tomorrow got to wake up early for event..Good Night :)

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  1. your mum? or sister? ..why she look so youthful? Amazing.

  2. my mom..I don't have sister xD haha everyone says that xD


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