STUPID = Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand

December 09, 2010

I did lots of stupid things this week..

Say yesterday,Tony had the invites for the movie "My Soul To Take"..but since it was a horror movie with super low ratings,we decided to enter the cinema with the tickets and randomly select a hall to sneaked in..

We selected Hall 6 in the first place,but it was some malay movie named "Aku Tak Bodoh"..we're both not really interested..then we finally settled at Hall 5 not knowing what movie was it..the whole cinema was almost full..we simply choose a seat and actually got shoo-ed 3 times..finally we sat on the was "The Warrior's Way" OMG damn funny lor..knowing that the movie was funny,what we are doing are also very funny LOL

Then today,I was supposed to fetch Ethan for his job interview at 9.30am..Ethan is from Johor and he came down to KL to find work so I introduced him to my agent..Unfortunately,I woke up at 9.30am!OMG! Why didn't my alarm rang? I quickly turn on my handphone and it doesn't seemed to work until several times I tried it..Finally my handphone was on but the only keypad that is working was the "arrow pointing up" and the "enter" button..
Tons of messages and missed calls flow of his n-text messages,he said "Hey,you're overslept! Nvm,I've already got plan B" I was like "LOL!!! Plan fella" and of course I called him up..yes,with the cacated handphone that can only use two keypads out of 28 keypads =______=

And of course,I was his driver of the day..took him to lunch..watched movie(The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and shopping at Sunway Pyramid =X
Chee Li Kee
Well,it wasn't my's the handphone's fault..Ethan,I'm not a pig!

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  1. wah, so how is your friend Interview? Plan C? =) dam funny la wei XD (i mean the Plan B and the Ideas)

  2. It went well..finally he took taxi to the place and I then went there to fetch him! haha! Yes it was damn funny LOL


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