CHS Choir Gathering 2011

January 30, 2011

I love CHS Choir! I joined my high school choir ever since I was in Form 1 all the way until I finished high school and even after I finished high school,I am still attached with them! I get to know the seniors as well as the current juniors now! They are all so cute and friendly :D

We meet up and have lunch at Gardens..not the shopping mall,the restaurant =P
CHS Choir
and there were like this many people! How successful is our gathering XD There were more people coming for dinner but some left early too..
Shi Ning and Chee Li Kee
Shi Ning,were one of those who left early..
Melody and Chee Li Kee
and Melody..such a sweet girl..she should get a Facebook so I can keep in touch with her =P
Chern Jung,Melanie and Chee Li Kee
Chern Jung,Melanie and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Dylan Chan
Liki and Dylan
Chern Jung and Chee Li Kee
Chern Jung and Liki
Raymond and Chee Li Kee
Raymond and Liki
Yoon Leen and Chee Li Kee
Yoon Leen and Liki

Then for second round,we went to Pasta Zanmai ! Wei Lon,Raymond.Chen Hoong,Jane (Raymond's sister) and I went to take a walk at the IT Fair happening in Midvalley before we joined them for dinner =D
Pasta Zanmai
my delicious spaghetti =D

We then ordered lou sang!
Lou Sang
look so tempting eh? It's actually a sharing for four person..
Lou Sang
but guess how many chopsticks were there? 18 pairs! lol!
CHS Choir
group pictures of us before lou sang
Lou Sang
and taaaa-daaaa lou lou lou!!
the word "CHOIR" made by the juniors..
Chee Li Kee
enjoying the yu actually tastes really good
CHS Choir
these are those who came for the second batch of gathering =P

After that,I went to Starbucks with Chern Jung and Wei Lon to find Jia Pei because she is working there XD Yeah just to collect more ang pows..and then to MPH while waiting for my mom
Chee Li Kee
found this uber cute cosplay hat! =P

Had so much fun seeing the juniors..huhu I'm soooo gonna miss CHS Choir ! By the way,today is also meet up with some people who is going to fly away soon - Yi Ming,Wei Lon,Yoon Leen and many people flying off..

Glad I joined really brought us together..they are like my family =)

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