CHS Gerko Day 2011

January 14, 2011

Miss Margaret (one of our Catholic High School teacher) created a Facebook event and invited the ex-CHSians to the "Hari Gerko 2011" event..Our school organized Hari Gerko once in every year where the clubs and societies set up a booth to promote their club activites and get more new member (mainly Form 1 and Form 2)

I went back to visit the Gerko Day this year..I didn't went back last year but I went this year! I just want to see my Choir and also to visit school lah..You know how much I miss my secondary school T_______T

Chee Li Kee and Shi Ning
I texted Shi Ning in the morning because she was the only senior I thought who would go back school
Chee Li Kee,Kheng Hoe and Shi Ning
then I saw Kheng Hoe too!
Chee Li Kee Choir
took picture with my junior :D
Chee Li Kee,Jin Yee and Kheng Hoe
Liki,Jin Yee (my junior) and Kheng Hoe
Chee Li Kee and Lawton Cha
Saw Lawton (Dylan's brother) ! He asked me a very lame question "Where is my brother?"
awwww I miss the school building
so you know they actually didn't have classes on Gerko Day?
Kheng Hoe and Chee Li Kee
the famous pianist - Low Kheng Hoe
Kheng Hoe and Chee Li Kee
He came back from London recently..his piano really geng wan..U can try google "Low Kheng Hoe" or "Kheng Hoe piano" XD
Kheng Hoe and Chee Li Kee
I know one thing for sure..Kheng Hoe and my face are very chubby LOL
Kheng Hoe and Chee Li Kee
Check out the video of him got interview in NTV 7 Breakfast Show here!

Photos credited to Kaze. Yeah he was once a CHS students too! How coincidence right? So I dragged him to CHS today haha!

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