I Always Say Shopping Is Cheaper Than A Psychiatrist

January 07, 2011

Kelly suddenly said she wants to go out with me and Shi Ning because she will start her uni next week and no time for us XD I like girls shopping lah! Guys can never understand why we need to shop LOL

Shi Ning and Chee Li Kee
Shi Ning and Liki
we went to T-Bowl at Sunway Pyramid for dinner
so cute!
I think it's one guy and one girl
the seats are all toilet bowl
and the sink table :P
this is how Kelly camwhore everyday with her camera LOL
Chee Li Kee,Shi Ning and Kelly
Liki,Shi Ning and Kelly

We shopped until the shopping mall closed! And even after the shop was about to close we walked in to buy things! Seriously we're crazy shopaholics =__________= I got a hair pin and Kelly got a pair of earrings..Shi Ning couldn't find anything to buy so she didn't buy..

Although it was just for a short while,we had great time chatting and laughing =) Oh and shopping XD

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  1. Is the Tbowl newly opened in Sunway? :D Waaa really sai lei can shop until the shop close :P

  2. yaya quite new >.< no lah we went late..so after dinner then the shop almost closed ady XD

  3. shopping got the stuffs, psychiatrist give you nothing :D


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