I Like The Smell Of Film. I Just Like Knowing There's Film Going Through The Camera

January 14, 2011

Kaze kept saying that I've poisoned him last monday..about the polaroid camera thingy? So he decided to get one LOL! And asked me to follow him to the SS2 to get that camera haha..but before that we went to Klang because he needs to pass the CD to the client..

I was waiting in the car..after 20minutes of waiting,I was too bored and started camwhore..

Chee Li Kee
I don't know why I can't wink wan lor..I look funny when I wink ==
ahhhhh so cute! haha
Chee Li Kee
spotted this gloves he bought from Hong Kong Disneyland
Chee Li Kee
lalalala I was too bored..time pass faster when you camwhore you know HAHA
Chee Li Kee
still waiting~~
Chee Li Kee
haha! I also don't know what does this pose mean

Finally Kaze went back to the car haha..or else my camera memory will be full in no time LOL..we then headed to SS2 to get the polaroid camera !
taaa-daaaaaa! He got the wide angle polaroid camera
My mini Hello Kitty polaroid camera and his wide angle polaroid camera
Chee Li Kee and Kaze
and taaa-daaaa took this at the shop because I love the wall behind!!

Kaze kept saying that he downgraded because from playing with DSLR,he is now playing with polaroid (a very stupid camera since he called my compact camera a stupid camera)

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  1. sorry to let u wait there... but hope u not angry lo... and some more with de sam pat guy... hahaha....

  2. HAHA! No lah where got angry :) Camwhore time can pass very fast wan LOL! U admit urself sam pat!! LOL!

  3. u two should have do a jumpshot with that background mah... haha... i'm still looking for the cheapest possible underwater lomo cam :/

  4. very hard to jump and capture with polaroid wan lor..fail then GG lol..but yeah..next time go again I will do jump shot and use DSLR :D

  5. The wall is really nice, which shop in SS2 btw? :D Are those sold in the shop cheaper or online cheaper?

  6. yeah! Sunway Pyramid also got..in Asian Avenua..same background =) Erm some is shop cheaper..some is online cheaper..see which type lo =)

  7. singgah sini bace en3..



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