Lunch With A4 Gangsters

January 28, 2011

Woke up early in the morning to wait for my house doorbell spoil..but I have backup doorbell..

HIPPY!!! Thank goodness I have Hippy because he will bark at anyone who stopped by my house :D I was in toilet when he barked at the Pos Laju guy XD

Was supposed to meet up with the A4 Gangsters two days ago but it was canceled because not many people can make we ended up meeting today..

The plan today was actually going to 1Utama but sudden change of plan to Sunway Pyramid =X
T-Bowl Menu
had lunch at T-Bowl Restaurant because all of them never try before..I tried it once with Shi Ning and Kelly before..
Lee Chin Ming
Chin Ming and his tomyam soup
Chee Li Kee
my just-woke-up face..yeah I woke up early to collect a parcel today then went back to sleep,next thing I know,Chin Ming said he is about to reach my house in 15 minutes was too rush till I forget to bring my camera out..all these pictures is taken with Chin Ming's handphone
Wen Jie
Wen Jie..who has been waiting in Sunway Pyramid since 1.30pm after his class and we ended up being there at 3+pm
Calvin Tan and Chern Jung
Calvin and Chern Jung..they are always so lovely together (lol don't kill me)

Carmen couldn't make it because her class ends at 5.30pm and we have to leave early too..After lunch,I shopped for things I needed to buy and time passes really fast! It was 6.00pm already and we all have to go..I am supposed to meet up with the bloggers in 1Utama for lou sang but....(I'll continue in the next post)

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