Mamak With College Friends

January 04, 2011

I am not sure whether it's considered Mamak but have you heard of Williams? It's at Taman Mayang..I heard that it is pretty famous in PJ area..Apparently Murni at SS2 and Williams at Taman Mayang are brothers..I used to eat at Murni SS2 every Thursday before tuition class..

Yen Li and Chee Li Kee
this is Yen Li!! She is back from Hong Kong!! She studied Account and Finance at University of Hong Kong
Chee Li Kee and Kai Yuan
and Kai Yuan..I have introduced him in my blog before XD
the cat suddenly jumped over and looked at me! Then I ran away LOL! Zhi Yuen snapped this
Haree and Chee Li Kee
Haree is studying at Perth,Australia!
Chee Li Kee
took a polaroid pictures of us xD
Stephanie,Kai Yuan,Zhi Yuen,Chee Li Kee,Yen Li and Haree
this picture using Canon S95
Kai Yuan,Yen Li,Zhi Yuen and Chee Li Kee
And us before leaving..Stephanie and Haree left earlier

Yen Li and Kai Yuan is flying back this week and Haree is flying back in February..OMG my friends are scattered all around the world LOL

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