Maybelline Super Film Party

January 24, 2011

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to attend the Maybelline Super Film Party..The dress code for today is Superhero but it was too rush for me to get the costumes so I just went with my pink dress I just bought yesterday!

Chee Li Kee
it was cloudy and was about to rain T____T
the registration..Superhero recruitment
the stage..
the superhero emcee
introducing the new Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Super Film
the ambassador of Maybelline , Liyana Jasmay was there too!

Then there were games,where we are suppose to collect the beads to complete the word "F.I.L.M" at each stations..
The first station is the Laboratory where we test out the the Maybelline mascara on the fake eye lashes
Then the second station was the make-over deck where they apply the mascara on you

The third station....I wanted to go to the third station but Astro was standing there waiting to interview people..and I was too shy to be on the screen so I went to forth station first..
The last station was "M" where we play the Facebook game..Choose a picture from your profile and then apply the mascara on the picture XD
oh yeah this restaurant is called The Bee at Jaya One
some art work by the students
It looks so fragile that I don't even dare to touch =X
Iron Man!

The Astro people is still at the third station! So,I walked around and socialise with people..take pictures with them..I'm so shy lah =P
Chee Li Kee
picture with the Superhero emcee..
Chee Li Kee
I like the wide angle picture =D
Cindy Tey and Chee Li Kee
Cindy Tey and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Jennifer
Liki and Jennifer
Chee Li Kee and Rabiatul
Liki and Rabiatul
Chee Li Kee and Joey Chin
Liki and Joey Chin
Joey Chin and Chee Li Kee
she was so friendly and we clicked instantly (lol I used to much instax camera so now I'm speaking the instax language)
Karen and Chee Li Kee
Karen from Tongue In Chic
Chee Li Kee and Liyana
Liki and Liyana Jasmay , actress/singer/ambassador and etc....
Liki and Lee Ming
Xin Xian and Chee Li Kee
Xin Xian and Liki
Redmommy and Chee Li Kee
Redmummy and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Rachel
Liki and Rachel
Michelle and Chee Li Kee
Michelle and Liki
Chee Li Kee and Joey Chin
I love the dress and the bag I'm using! Just bought it yesterday =X

And then I got interviewed by Female Magazine Online..Liyana Jasmay loved my dress too! She thought I am a fashion blogger =P Oh yeah my pictures will be up at Female Magazine Online in February 2011 =D
the cute owl ring on Stefanie from BluInc
and she have the elephant ones too! XD
jellybeans!! Nom nom nom XD
Chee Li Kee
I went and play with the cream haha! Decorate the doughnuts..
of blog name =P
Chee Li Kee
yeah this is actually the third station where we are supposed to pose like a superhero! But I was too cute with my pink dress I don't know what superhero I am! Perhaps...Powerpuff girls? XD
Joey and Chee Li Kee
snap picture with my polaroid - Joey Chin and Liki
Chee Li Kee
the pink dress was actually a little big for me,it will go low when I bend down,so I wore a pink tube bra in case the collar went too low
Chee Li Kee
my make up of the day

And the Superhero picture of me :
Chee Li Kee
Don't laugh lah! =P

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  1. Jellybeans and marshie! :D Looks like an awesome event, so many famous female bloggers.

  2. yeah! I ate those XD It is an awesome event :) I had fun :D

  3. the wonderwoman look kinda weird with that ouffit... pity, got look but the outfit spoils it! :P

  4. wow great event.. LOl at last pic, u finally turn into superhero.. thumb up! ^^

  5. >Henry : haha I didn't really notice it..her hair is outstanding though LOL

    >Casley : yeah it was a great event! OMG I thought I looked funny haha

  6. So cute lah you with the pink outfit. haha


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