New Year's Eve BBQ and New Year Countdown

January 01, 2011

It is New Year's Eve! Do you have any plans for countdown? :) I didn't really want to go to the mall this year because of the crowded people and traffic jam..I countdown at KLCC,Sunway Pyramid,Curve and 1 Utama before..but for this year,I just want to countdown at somewhere without traffic jam..but with my friends too!

We had another last minute plan,yesterday on the way back home in Wei Lon's car,we decided to go CJ's house for BBQ! BBQ is the easiest way to celebrate a party don't you think so? And it's cheap too!

Sorry to start this post a picture of me eating..I was hungry!

Wen Jie and Chee Li Kee
nom nom nom~
Chee Li Kee and Meu Ye
Liki and Meu Ye..didn't see her for a very long time!
Chee Li Kee,Wei Lon and Meu Ye
and Wei Lon joined..
thank god for this thing or else my leg will be swollen because of the blood suckers..
Chern Jung,Shi Ning,Wei Lon,Chee Li Kee
Chern Jung,Shi Ning,Wei Lon and Liki

We talked,laughed,joked and catching with some of them who has been MIA for a long time! It was really a fun and warm moments together..we almost forgot the time! Luckily Wei Lon set the alarm clock at 11.45pm LOL!

10.....9.....8.....7.....6.....5.....4.....3.....2.....1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Toast to everyone!!

There were Fireworks EVERYWHERE! We saw fireworks from North,South,East and West from CJ's house..So happening!!! :D
We had a bottle of sparkling juice and a bottle of cocktail
I don't know why am I stoning
Raymond,Meu Ye,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee.Kheng Hoe,Kheng Aik,Shi Ning,Leon,and Chern Jung
spot the camera!
Chern Jung pouring the sparkling juice XD
Chern Jung,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee
Wen Jie and I laughed like crazy people
Chern Jung,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee,Meu Ye
the most fake real picture of New Year 2011

We then cleaned up the place and sat down to continue chatting..
Raymond,Meu Ye,Chee Li Kee,Kheng Hoe
the picture started off with Raymond,Meu Ye,Liki and Kheng Hoe
Raymond,Meu Ye,Chee Li Kee,Kheng Hoe,Shi Ning
then Shi Ning came in..
1Raymond,Meu Ye,Chee Li Kee.Kheng Hoe,Kheng Aik,Shi Ning,and Leon
Then Leon and Kheng Aik came in..
Raymond,Meu Ye,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee.Kheng Hoe,Kheng Aik,Shi Ning,Leon,Chern Jung and Wei Lon
then Wen Jie,Wei Lon and Chern Jung..
Raymond,Meu Ye,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee.Kheng Hoe,Kheng Aik,Shi Ning,Leon,Chern Jung and Wei Lon
Happy New Year 2011 guys!!!!

A simple Barbeque Party, A gathering of various friends, A heartfelt day, A Split second of countdown, A sky of fireworks, A bottle of cocktail and sparkling juice, A Memorable day! Happy 2011!

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