Not According To Plans

January 29, 2011

As you have read in my previous post,I ended up being in Sunway Pyramid instead of 1Utama and I was supposed to meet with the bloggers for lou sang at 7.00pm in 1Utama..

My friend was on the way sending my home and suddenly he decided to take me to a Farewell..I was charging my camera at home and I didn't bring it out! It's so annoying when you don't have your camera around =____= So yeah,I don't have the pictures at the Farewell,have to wait for them to upload it =X

It's a buffet catering at one of a friend's house in Kajang..really far,it was almost near Semenyih..and there were like 10+ ppl..all were high school friends! Haven't seen them in a while..had dinner there,chat,sang karaoke and then headed was already late when we reached there XD

On the way back,around Sri Kembangan,we had accident..well just a really small accident..We were in straight road and suddenly the motorcycle on my side (left) turned right! without signal! They just TURN! then the driver quickly break and bang the motorcycle..the both passenger fell down..scare the shit outta us =______=

One is thin and one if fat..both were malays..I think they are university students (they looked like one)..anyway the fat one didn't get hurt but I think the thin one got some scratches..They apologized to us and then left,luckily Chin Ming's car didn't have any scratches too =)

What a night!

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