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January 12, 2011

Hello! So sorry for not updating my blog often..been going out lately or busy with some things and didn't get to blog that often..I'm gonna combine 2 days post together :D

Monday,January 10,2011

Kaze drove me to McD to buy the Happy Meal! Yeah the Hello Kitty cop haha! Then we went to SS2 because I wanted to get the cartoon polaroid films..and then,went to Pyramid for karaoke! 7 hours plus LOL! My throat almost gone case..

saw lots of smoke! Wondering what happened
O.O The uncle even forgot to pull hand break and the car started rolling down =________=

After shopping and singing karaoke,we headed for late dinner and then home!

Wednesday,January 12,2011

I went to Lily's house at night to ask her to write me a small note for my birthday last month..for me to put in my photo diary :D
there she is writing it XD

It was her dad's birthday on the same day! I didn't know..and I get to eat chocolate ice-cream cake!
Chee Li Kee and Lily
Liki and Lily..she is flying back to UK on 14th January..HUHU After that don't know when I'm gonna meet her again T_____T

OMG she has like Canon S95,Canon G12 and Canon Sx30is..=__________= I was playing with it whole night because I wanted to buy a new camera..huhu..any recommendation?

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  1. OMG, she has both CANON s95 and G12! So niceeeeee! I want both of that camera so badly. So i think you should get either one too ((:


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