The Best Of All Medicines Is Resting

February 19, 2011

My throat is still not feeling well..kinda itchy and still coughing T____T My friends in Malaysia kept asking me to try the Fish N Chips here so I had Fish N Chips for brunch XD The weather here is like cold,I don't like to wake up so early !

Chee Li Kee
the Fish N Chips here is really big!

I just watch TV and online whole day because was really lazy to go out...Urgh I don't know how to stand the winter later! oh man! XD
Chee Li Kee
Cook porridge for dinner because my throat isn't feeling well..went out to get Strepsils after that because I was coughing badly :(

Well that's my day for today..Really simple huh? But I'm liking the life like this..Don't need to face complicated life..No wonder NZ people enjoy their life to the max XD

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