CNY Celebration with A4 Gangsters

February 12, 2011

After singing karaoke at late night,I woke up early in the morning to go Calvin's house to "bai nian" ! We chat,eat,drink,get ang pow and of course, play mahjong! Thanks to Wen Jie for teaching me how to play mahjong,I'm so addicted with mahjong =____= we don't gamble..just play for fun =)
Chee Li Kee
sleepy face XD
Chee Li Kee and Chern Jung
Liki and Chern Jung
yay once I played and I won the 1st game MUAHAHAHA..without any "flower"

And then,we all went to pick up Wen Jie for lunch while Calvin have plans to do in the evening already..
Chin Ming,Carmen,Chern Jung and Chee Li Kee
Chin Ming,Carmen,Chern Jung and Liki waiting for Wen Jie in the car
Chee Li Kee and Chern Jung
we had lunch at Boston Restaurant
Chin Ming,Wen Jie,Chern Jung,Chee Li Kee and Carmen
Chin Ming,Wen Jie,Chern Jung,Liki and Carmen :D

We then send Carmen back to Sunway University for her moral class then went to Wen Jie's house to continue playing mahjong!!!
Chin Ming,Chern Jung,Wen Jie and Chee Li Kee
say cheeseeeee
Wen Jie,Chin Ming,Chern Jung and Chee Li Kee
Concentrate concentrate!!
yes I won! LOL
Leon and Chee Li Kee
Leon and Liki
Leon,Wen Jie,Chee Li Kee,Chern Jung and Chin Ming
Leon,Wen Jie,Liki,Chern Jung and Chin Ming
and I won the final round of the game! And lots of chips! weeeeeeeeee~ nah we didn't gamble :)
Wen Jie and Chee Li Kee
Wen Jie giving us soup that his mom made..
Chee Li Kee
Chee Li Kee and Chern Jung
Liki and Chern Jung
Chee Li Kee and Chin Ming
Liki and Chin Ming
Wen Jie and Chee Li Kee
Wen Jie and Liki

We then headed back home and I had dinner with Chin Ming at Pan Cafe..I'm gonna miss my A4 Gangsters..It's great I get to see them one last time before flying :) I'm glad I met them back in 2005 :D They changed my life ^^ And I'm glad we're still close until now :) Love you guys

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  1. I wanna learn how to play mahjong but I never understand T__T

  2. haha..I don't get how to count those "flower"..I just know how to take and match LOL


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