Completed My Course Approval

February 18, 2011

I got my course approval done today :D Woke up around 7.30am and went to University with Siew Lee since we're doing same course (basically everything the same):D

luckily we came early..we didn't wait quite long XD
walking to get my Student ID done

Things were done by noon and then,on the way back to boyfriend's flat,I had chicken pie from St Davids Cafe ^^ Then I took nap because I was too tired XD

When I woke up,Siew Lee texted me and said Kah Yenn is here already! Awww such a nice girl..she walked all the way here to visit Siew Lee and I :)
Kah Yenn,Siew Lee and Chee Li Kee
Kah Yenn,Siew Lee and Liki

After that,Siew Lee had things to do so I hang around with Kah Yenn..I was hungry then and went to boyfriend's flat to cook dinner with him and one of his flatmates,Davence ! yay! So yummy! :D Too bad Kah Yenn had plans at night so she left early T_T
my throat still feeling itchy and still coughing T____T

Going to watch TV and then shower and sleep! Want to recover completely before my class starts or else it's gonna be really troublesome XD

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