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February 10, 2011

Online shopping was thought to be practically impossible in previous generations. However, the advancement of technology rise everyday enabling complex, tedious service to become simpler and more applicable. Internet has allow us all to do many great things and online shopping is certainly one of its largest contribution.

Now we can shop online without the hassle to drive all the way to the city to do grocery etc. Malaysia is certainly showing some promise in this aspect. proves it.
weeee look at all my products! The products were all in good condition and nicely packed! The green apples,broccoli and red onions I bought were all very fresh :D The total of my purchase is RM102.45

Now you can get cheaper and wide range of products, fresh and frozen grocery items delivered to your doorstep on time. You can pick your own time slot which suits your timetable to receive your goods!
choose which delivery slots you like :) It's really easy. You can also choose to deliver your items on the day you order too :D It saves all the hassle and you don't have to drive all the way out :)

Online payments may seem dangerous, however worry not as provide secured payment methods. They do not save your credit card details. As a blogger, online shopping is just simply incredible!

I always have to online, update blog etc. thus making grocery shopping in the city to be a pain. Now I can enjoy blogging and online while waiting for my groceries to arrive without any troubles! (ps: I am not lazy la XD just like to keep things simple)
they are checking the goods list..they were so friendly and keep smiling wan :D They came right on delivery time slot that I chose !

Imagine, no more traffic jams, save money and precious time by shopping from anywhere. Doesn't it sound convenient and ideal? Receive fresh groceries especially vegetables (cut, cleaned, peeled and packed) fruits and frozen food.
the guy put down the basket and unpacking everything for me=) they have a really good service..they gave a call to me to reconfirm the address to be delivered before they reach..

The vegetables and fruits are fresh and crisp as Doorstep has its very own refrigerating facility to keep everything in natural state.
big orange van~ the weather is so hot but luckily they have their own refrigerating facilities! They stopped right in front of my house and then came down with the delivery stuff :D

Three simple steps to shop!
It's so simple :) Just choose which products you want to purchase,register (if you're a new member) and login (if you are previous customer) then Checkout :D

The website is user-friendly with easy-to-understand interface that ensures your shopping experience to be an unforgettable one. Don't know about you guys, but it certainly made my day as from now on, shopping is a breeze~~
Now Doorstep is having promotions up to 50% discount and Chinese New Year hampers + promotions!

Check out their coverage areas in Malaysia :)
they cover most of the areas in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya !

For more information,please visit :
o Doorstep Homepage []
o Facebook [ ]
o Twitter [ ]
o Blog [ ]

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  1. That's good ones. I love online shopping. Unfortunately, this ones doesn't cover Penang area.

  2. good jobs and very easy..... i like online shopping.... save time

  3. this is really convenient.. I'm going to try it someday.. =)

  4. >Luporti : Maybe you can try suggesting to them in the website :)

    >Wanzi : yeah me too ! No need to go out and then the items you want sold out =____=

    >Qi Wen : try it :) For now it's free delivery ^^

  5. wow, malaysia is getting more advance!! hehe.....hope it will reach terengganu very very soon, so lazy to go out and buy groceries d...haha

  6. haha yeah!! I am very lazy to go out buy groceries too XD

  7. We are launching in Dec 2013. We offer same day delivery and more. Feel free to check us out at !

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