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February 27, 2011

Saturday,February 26,2011

Okay this post title doesn't apply to me in Malaysia but it does apply to me in New Zealand ok! LOL

Was so lazy today! I just feel like a pig here..partly because I haven't get used to walking! It's so tiring to walking everyday ! I want to drive here T____T And because of that,I just walk to University and boyfriend's flat to visit him..That's all! =X

look at the purple flowers..
wind was blowing strongly!
went to boyfriend's flat to have lunch together with him since today it is weekend!

After lunch,I just sit and watch TV at boyfriend's place and then have dinner with him..Headed back to my flat then..Watched Hachiko from my laptop..omg make me cry like don't know what only T____T

I miss Hippy =(

Sunday,February 27,2011

Today is the last day of holiday before class starts ! So fast ! In a blink of an eye,it has been 7 months since I have holiday after completing my Cambridge A-levels..Woke up late today and pack up stuff to prepare for class tomorrow..then walk to grocery with boyfriend and Davence around 4pm :)
we had dinner together! Cook sweet and sour pork + beef served with rice ^^

And then,boyfriend walked me back to my flat and also stopped by Science Library to print stuff :)
just showing you one of the toilet towel (since I've never seen in Malaysia before)
camwhore in the toilet around 8.40pm LMAO!

Boyfriend went back to his own flat after sending me back safely to my flat :) I then skype with my parents ! Awwww...miss them so much too! XD And Hippy! Gonna sleep early today because class starts tomorrow! *excited and nervous at the same time*

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  1. Kar Yao ok? =) Hmmm u cook also lol?

  2. arh, ur bf is in NZ too.. how sweet.. haha i was kinda surprised to see the toilet towel when i was there.. they really aware bout this kinds things huh.. ^^

  3. Wow, that food looks really really yummy!

  4. yeah it tasted yummy too :D


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