Let The Rain Beat Upon Your Head With Silver Liquid Drops

February 21, 2011

Don't know why weather in Dunedin is always so unpredictable..Sometimes it's hot and shiny in the morning and then it'll rain in the evening..so random T_T

Chee Li Kee
I'm cooking brunch today! :D
I'll be eating instant noodles three times a week =___=

Since I came here,I seldom meet with Ethan..that's because he went MIA,not going online,I don't have his handphone number and his flat is like on the hill..so hard to climb ! So finally one day,I saw him online on Facebook and I quickly spammed his chatbox LOL! Yeah so finally we went out today !
Ethan and Chee Li Kee
Ethan and Liki
finally got this calendar..was looking for it few days ago
Ethan and Chee Li Kee
it was raining outside so we ended up staying in the Central Library and talked
that's the library
the floor is like wet..
so gloomy eh?

Just hang around with Ethan and then he went to George Street and I went back to my boyfriend's flat..
Chee Li Kee
got a rice ball on the way
there's chicken and some green sauce (not wasabi) in it..delicious! I want it more! Gonna get more XD

One more week till my class starts..and I'm still coughing and having flu =X I want to walk around Dunedin and explore the town but I'm sick and it will just rain all of the sudden! T____T why lah like this T____T

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  1. at NZ?? hehe, take good care of yourself over there my friend :)
    all the best!

  2. awwww dear i hope ur new life over there is fabulous~ n get well soon!

  3. >Kyle : yeah! thanks :) Take care too ^^

    >XCB : Thank you girl! Slowly getting used to the life here ^^


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