Lunch With Jayren

February 10, 2011

Went out lunch Jayren before I left Malaysia :) Awww he is such good friend :D He came to my house after his class just to have lunch with our last lunch? =X No lah,will be back soon..real soon XD

tom yam fried rice !!!
Both of us love to hang out in this's really quiet and cozy there :)
testing out my new baby camera where you can flip out the screen to camwhore but opps! why that guy behind also looking at the camera wan LMAO
just a picture took in his car while sending me back home =X
We talked and rested,online as well while he waiting for time to pass to attend a lecture while I am supposed to go farewell gathering which was canceled later..

So mom took me out to get a new handphone! Nah just a handphone which I can text,make call and online easily :D
Nokia-C3-in-Hot-Pink-3Align Center
Nokia C-3 ! It's affordable and so much to do with that phone! Like you can Twitter,Facebook and MSN!! O.O I am surprised LOL

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