My Journey To New Zealand

February 14, 2011

It's time to say goodbye and farewell to my family,Hippy and my friends :( My flight was 4.30pm and the sad thing is,I had a high fever in the morning. Right. A 40 degree celcius fever ! Like wtf! What if the custom doesn't allow me to get on the plane! I went to the clinic near my house,took 7 pills of medicine and then rest and rest..So suffering T_____T

I reached KLIA airport around 3pm+ and then check in my luggage..I am still praying hard that my fever would go down :) And thank goodness,I was feeling much better as time goes..At 4.15pm,I entered the custom and said goodbye to my's sad to see that my mom cried but I was happy that I get to study overseas ! I feel so lucky that I get to experience some things that not everyone can :)

Luckily I have Ethan and Kah Yenn with me..or not I'll be so dead =_____= Ethan and I kept waiting for Kah Yenn until our name were announced at the airport asking us to enter the plane quickly LMAO
well..the weather looking pretty good..
Kah Yenn and Chee Li Kee
yay Kah Yenn sat beside me although we check in at different time

Luckily we changed our flight earlier because it was a rushed! We transit at Changi Airport,Singapore..really rushing..from one place to another !
Kah Yenn,Ethan and Chee Li Kee
finally get to rest and sleep on the way to Sydney,Australia
there's TV and music for us but I really want to sleep..I'm still recovering from my fever
yay dinner served! Had steamed rice with bak choi and curry chicken
Chee Li Kee
a picture in the toilet (anywhere) is a must LMAO
Chee Li Kee and Kah Yenn
we reached Sdyney after 8 hours of flight! can relax already..
at Children area to kill time
Chee Li Kee and Kah Yenn
we're all really tired..check in and check out lots of time and lots of transit..and walk walk walk..carry luggage..can barely sleep in the plane!
breakfast ? OMG I'm so mixed up with the time! What is the time now ? =_____=
Chee Li Kee and Kah Yenn
thank god for trolley because our luggage is really heavy
Kah Yenn and Chee Li Kee
say cheese!
Ethan,Chee Li Kee and Kah Yenn
Kah Yenn,Liki and Ethan..Ethan was actually damn tired and sleepy..u can see from his face
New Zealand! The ground is flat and really spacious O.O
we're sorting out the luggage at Wellington Airport
Chee Li Kee
our last flight from Christchurch -> the cooling wind!
check out the lavas
the weather is really really good
Kah Yenn and Chee Li Kee
and there we are! We reached Dunedin safely at 7.50pm on 15th February 2011 New Zealand time..It was still bright over there and the air is really fresh over here :) It's not as humid as Malaysia..kinda dry..kept feeling thirsty and also cause I was having sorethroat..

What a long and tiring flight..from Kuala Lumpur -> Singapore -> Sydney -> Wellington -> Christchurch -> Dunedin in 24 hours and less than 5 hours of sleep =_____= yeah tell me about it..The flight was okay..less turbulence and really thankful we have Ethan (1 guys with us) :D

I took taxi back to my flat with Ethan and Kah Yenn then shower and ate burger and sleep :) Such a long and tiring journey ^^ I'll keep updating my blog about my life here :D Good Night Tata

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  1. Blog more and update us ! Take care there ! =D

  2. Wow so many transit, must be really tiring. Anyway, I just knew that you were studying in Uni of Otago; and my bff is studying there too, taking Psychology! :D

  3. awww.. hello from malaysia! :) all the best liki!

  4. >Jayren : haha sure will do :D I won't dump my blog XD

    >Hilda : yes it was really tiring T_T check in and out for 5 times LOL..oh who is your bff? 1st year here?

    >Cayenne : Hello from New Zealand ! :D Thank you :) Take care ya

  5. please take care, seems Christchurch quake quite bad

  6. Thanks :) yeah Christchurch was bad =X My place is not affected ^^Y


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