Play In The Sand ; Splash In The Water

February 16, 2011

Today,I wanted to go check in at the Welcome Desk and set up my bank account here but since my friend's friend have got car,she decided to take me to St Clairs Beach and it's really sunny and hot today! I had baked bean and bread for breakfast then headed out :)
grab ice-cream before heading to beach
Chee Li Kee
cookies n cream!
nice building eh? Today is really hot..was like sweating!
Chee Li Kee
but the beach is really cooling..wind strongly blowing~~ wuuuushhhh~
the beach here is like the sea in Malaysia..really!
Esplanade ! Familiar? XD
Chee Li Kee
somehow the sun here is really in the UV ray? I feel like I can get dark here easily =X
cute seagull!!

I was then very tired so we were all lazy to cook..went to Restaurant Mei Wah to get dinner!
taufu chicken with rice :D

I used to eat 5 meals a day in Malaysia but here,I don't really have appetite (I don't know why) So I only take 2 meals a day XD With walking to everywhere everyday,OMG I don't wanna be too skinny! Have to force myself to eat more...MORE!

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  1. later end up back in malaysia become fat leh . . .

    anyway did you webcam with your mum while ask your mum teach you to cook?

  2. LOL choi touch wood XD

    I didn't webcam but she did taught me through the phone lah XD

  3. I eat lesser here too.. but the portion/meal I eat is considered alot for them.. omg..

  4. The beach is really pretty! I wanna slim down, we exchange can or not? But srsly you need to eat more! :P

  5. >Siew Lee : lol! They really eat so little then..I eat lesser here..but getting more and more each day yay =D

    >Hilda : yeah the beach is really nice XD haha just stay fit is the best lo ^^


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