Sunday Grocery Shopping

February 20, 2011

Couldn't sleep well last today is like kinda lazy and with the weather like this? Urghhh I'm turning into a pig XD Anyway we had brunch! And it was leftovers from yesterday..someone gave it to us =X served it with porridge because my throat is still feeling itchy XD

taro ! or yam? LOL
beef !

After lunch,I texted Kah Yenn and told her that I want to do grocery with her..but because there's two places with same name,we were at different place but same name..okay I know that's lame LOL I felt so guilty because she waited for me for quite sometime =X
fruits! The fruits here is indeed different from Malaysia..really big,fresh and crunchy!
Chupa Chips !

Came back to boyfriend's flat took a nap,shower and then cooking time!
Chee Li Kee
yours truly cooking dinner! Well..
it turned out to be like this..looks yummy eh? Smells good though XD
Chee Li Kee
waiting for the rice to cook

After having dinner,I had phone conversation with my mom..she called to teach me how to cook and make soup! haha :D Can't wait to drink soup because I love to drink soup! Miss it a lot! Watched "Yes Man" from the local channel here and then wash up and sleep =X Must learn to eat more fruits,drink more water and sleep early to say bye to pimples! XD

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  1. hello liki! =D
    haha. dun be a pig!
    but make sure u rest more!
    take care! =D

  2. hello Henry XD
    what pig lah T_T
    yeah I bought Vitamin C and eat everyday ^^
    thanks ya! Take care too


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