Third Day Of Chinese New Year

February 06, 2011

Chinese New Year is really a great time for family gathering :D My only cousin sister at my mom's side is back from NS for a week and it's also the last time I'm gonna see her before leaving Malaysia..sobs..

we grew up together and really close :D
she's younger than me 2 years but she's much taller than me =______=
her fashion sense is X100000000000 better than me..really!
From left : Liki,my mom,my second aunt,SzeVon,my first aunt (SzeVon's mom)
then my youngest aunt came in XD
a group family picture of us (mom's side) dad and uncles were having their men talk LMAO
my youngest aunt and Liki
Liki and my second aunt
my first aunt and Liki
a blur picture of my mom and I LOL
my younger brother was helping me to snap the polaroid pictures
all my cousins (second aunt)..they're all so tiny and cute! The oldest one here besides me is Form3
my another cousins (first aunt)..all very tall wan =____=

I didn't get to take picture with the little twins sister (youngest aunt) because they were nowadays..peace mah...LMAO
a random guy my second aunt wanted to introduce to my cousin and I (yeah your guess is right,to help us find boyfriend lol)

And a last picture of my one and only cousin sister from my mom's side..all my cousins were cousin brothers..I only have one cousin sister XD
and I feel really short standing beside her =___________=

I was chatting with my grandmother,aunts and cousin whole day..yeah girls talk because the guys were sitting in another living room having guys talk LOL! I was really close to my grandmother (mom's side)..keep chatting with her and make her laugh haha..She very cute wan! And she gave me extra ang pow money because I'm leaving soon =/

Gonna miss my grandma's cooking..I love her red bean soup and chinese dishes! I must learn from her!

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  1. Hi there. I'm from Philippines and I can related to your post. Our culture is somewhat the same especially when it comes to close family ties. It's nice to be around each other, hang out together... Btw, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Tiger's not much lucky this year. What about you?

  2. Happy chinese new year for you liki... i hope sucses this year...

    p/s : u can take u banner

  3. Your mum looks like your sister!!! lol..

  4. why all your aunties are super young one haha!

  5. Valentine's Day is a day
    Meant for sharing.
    A day for giving,
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    Valentine's Day is a day
    Meant for sharing.
    A day for giving,
    For loving and caring.

    Exabytes wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. >avatarlady : I see :) Family is most important ^^ Thanks. This year is Rabbit year :D

    >Wanzi : thank you :D

    >Isabel : yeah a lot of ppl said that XD

    >jfook : all got baby face lor haha! Good ma look young =P

    >Woody Allen : Thanks ^^


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