To Live Is To Keep Moving

February 22, 2011

Today I moved out from my boyfriend's flat because I have found a new flat! Feel so "pai seh" to stay in his flat while looking for a flat here..finally found one and settled down here :D Boyfriend helped me to move my stuff too! XD

Chee Li Kee
yay got a long mirror so I can see myself everyday
just a single bed and a study table plus a shoe rack..Psss saw my bag? the bag that A4 Gangsters got for my 19th birthday ! weeeeeeeee!
view from my flat to outside
Chee Li Kee
camwhore ! XD
well it's kinda messy for now =P will clean up !
still empty because boyfriend went to his flat to carry my stuff here while I am here cleaning up and arranging my flat..

After that,I went to The Commons to meet up with Kah Yenn and we played pool!
Chee Li Kee
not posing lor! Seriously wan lor..
there's Taoga Party going on..
Cheska,Kah Yenn and Liki

Feel so tired after moving the stuff ! And it's not fully done yet ! Took a shower and then do laundry..cook dinner and then go online XD Watch tv and then sleep..I think that's what probably I'll be doing for the next few days until classes starts! haha! XD

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