Walking To Town

February 17, 2011

Today I went to the university to get my course approval done ! Well,at least I thought of getting it done because the official course approval is tomorrow..but because my major subject lecturer is not there,I couldn't get my course approval done today..tomorrow I guess :)

Chee Li Kee
yeap that's me queuing for Chemistry paper signed

And then,Kah Yenn and I went to set up our bank account and went to the Octagon for a walk :D We visited the shopping malls and cinema there ^^
Kah Yenn and Chee Li Kee
Kah Yenn and Liki
Kah Yenn and Chee Li Kee
not sure what building it's called though
we're like so lost because we have nobody to guide us except for the map to rely on..
Kah Yenn and Chee Li Kee
mini waterfall
cute little animal taking shower! XD
some Chinese lantern we saw on the way back

It's really far and tiring to walk that far =X We had curry laksa at Southeast Restaurant on the way back
boyfriend looks so happy when he eat curry laksa xD
wah taste like back in Malaysia except it's not that spicy xD

After that,we headed back to boyfriend's flat :D I came back,took a shower and then sleep XD

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