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March 16, 2011

Saturday,March 12,2011

Finally it's weekend ! I need a slow start because I never been studying for so long already! T_T So it's weekend..and I'm so lazy ! The weather was so good ! And the first thing I want to do when I see sunlight is laundry ! LOL Seriously I think I'm obsessed with doing laundry =____=

Went over to boyfriend's flat after doing my laundry..Need help from him for studies XD

saw a fart bomb on the road..I know..random much LOL
ate a dorayaki! I'm a Doraemon! Ang Ang Ang!
Davence said it's a pan cake LOL...okay lah I think so =X
red bean paste! So yummy! But too bad it's expensive so we can't eat it often T_T

But there's something I want to share with you..
Taaaa-daaaaaaaaaaaa! Kit Kat Cookies & Cream..I saw it in New World (Supermarket) and I was like O.O We don't have this in Malaysia ! (At least I've never seen it or try it before!)

kit kat cookies & cream by you.

And it tasted REALLY GOOD ! So satisfying ! I was so excited that I showed to my boyfriend,Davence and Siew Lee LMAO

Can't wait to munch it in lecture..especially when I got up late and rushing for class,skipping my breakfast LOL

I love the new iPhone app that Davence installed for me =D It's called instagram ! Now I can edit lots of effects in the pictures

Sunday,March 13,2011

Went to Mei Wah Restaurant for special lunch! Luckily it's located near my flat and also it's cheap..the owner of the restaurant is from Hong Kong
love my Shape-Up Sketchers =D

Monday,March 14,2011

I was so in mood for cooking..Went to boyfriend's flat in between classes and cooked lunch for him =D
fried rice ! First time I cooked something on my own ! Without anyone's help! So proud XD

Wednesday,March 16,2011

Was so tired today because I slept late last night to celebrate Davence's birthday XD
cooked udon ! Yay on my own again !

I'm getting better at cooking ! Yay !

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  1. dorayaki so nice lor, seems like so delicious :D take care there ar !!! :)

  2. yeah it is delicious ! :D Eat it when it's hot ! yummy ! Thank you !

  3. kit kat sure look yummy~
    n yeah have never seen it before~
    yet taste it~

  4. dorayakiii *___* yummmmm

    wooo!! fried rice looks yummy!!

  5. >kamaryeah : the kit kat is yummy ! I was like "OMG what flavour is this?" lol !

    >konayukiss : yay ! dorayaki XD haha I first time cook fried rice all by myself >.<

  6. i like dorayaki too!;)


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