Dinner At Korea House

March 19, 2011

It's finally weekend and we all deserves good treat eh? I just want to rest and relax after a long tiring week of studying..University life is more relaxing compared to my A-levels life although things we learn now is harder and we have more responsibility but it's just not all about exams XD I miss my life in Malaysia though..wanna party and watch movies..everything here is much more expensive =X

had seafood udon for lunch :D Was too lazy to cook and woke up late..so I meet up with boyfriend and then bought lunch and went to his place =P

Was watching tv and using the internet..then got bored and started camwhoring ! I haven't been camwhoring much since I'm in New Zealand XD
Chee Li Kee
korean/japanese style fashion today..
Chee Li Kee
dolled up..I think every girls deserved to be pretty once in a while right? =P
Chee Li Kee
you won't recognised me if you see me walking in my university..because I dress like crap ! So lazy to wear nice clothes and then dress up..I find no point because what I do is attend class and then head back to my flat =_____=
Chee Li Kee
well I looked worst than that LOL

Act cute time
Chee Li Kee
#1 fish
Chee Li Kee
#2 pout
Chee Li Kee
#3 smile
Chee Li Kee
#4 smile again
Chee Li Kee
#5 smile again and again
Chee Li Kee
#6 with peace
Chee Li Kee
#7 pout again
Chee Li Kee
notice my name necklace?
Chee Li Kee
Finally get the chance to wear it
leggings =D
Chee Li Kee
outfit of the day (without coat)
Chee Li Kee
outfit of the day with coat on
Chee Li Kee
love my boots ! Thanks to mom for the courier !
Went to Korea House with boyfriend and Davence to have dinner !
first time eating out at night since I'm in New Zealand
Chee Li Kee
oh I'm wearing contact lens..purple colour (if you can see)
the korea house wall design
Chee Li Kee
wearing the scarf that Lily bought for me
the Korea House menu
we ordered casserole
the rice portion was really small ! We were like "What?" when we saw that =___=
the tofu casserole..the soup and tofu were nice..but too bad the portion was too little
bought Rob Roy ice-cream on the way back ! Pinky Winky and Cookies n Cream
Chee Li Kee
yay ice-cream ! I used to not understand why people enjoys eating cold stuff during cold weather
Chee Li Kee
but now I do

Watched "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" with boyfriend,Davence and Angela :D It's our Saturday Night movie !

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  1. Wa. Sedapnya makan
    tp sebelum mkan, byk muka lapar yer. Huhuhu

  2. haha :D sedap tapi sikit =X


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