Fast Foods And Desserts

March 27, 2011

Angela bought Domino's Pizza for Davence,boyfriend and I for dinner ! It was raining heavily today so I didn't went to do grocery T_T Since Angela coming over to boyfriend's flat,she bought pizza for everyone :D So nice XD

it's been such a long time since I had a slice of pizza from Domino =X

Monday,March 28,2011

Monday is always blue day eh? Need more desserts to de-stress !
Melona original - Melon ice-cream ! Was supposed to be yesterday's dessert but we all forgot about it LOL
red bean soup =D Warm and yummy ! Davence loves it so do I XD

OMG CELS191 and FOSC111 exam is coming real soon ! Shit lor ! I have no idea about CELS191 and FOSC111 is such a tedious subject !

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